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Home Protection

Guardian Fire Shield™ Automatic Fire Suppression Safety Device

The Guardian Fire Shield™ is a revolutionary fire suppression safety device that automatically fights dangerous fires in your home.

Automatic fire suppression systems control or extinguish fires without human intervention, so your home is protected even when you’re not there.

The Guardian Fire Shield™ is heat-activated, not smoke-activated, so it’s there during a real fire but won’t trigger in low-risk instances of accidental smoke.

Because modern homes and furnishings burn 8x faster and produce 200x more poisonous smoke, firefighters are fighting the clock more than ever. They love Guardian Fire Shield™ as it buys them, and you, precious time.

Guardian Fire Shield™ is proven to protect families, provide valuable extra seconds to evacuate, and reduce fire and water damage.

Why GFS Was Invented

Most people may have a fire extinguisher in their homes but have never used one. The first time you use one should not be in a moment of crisis.

You need to be home to use a fire extinguisher, Guardian Fire Shield™ protects your home when you’re not there.

We know that every second counts in a fire, the Guardian Fire Shield™ buys you precious time.

How It Works

  • Easy installation into your ceiling – do it yourself or have one of our professional installers come to your home to install it for you.
  • Designed to be discreet but always ready for emergencies.
  • High heat activated at 135° F to prevent false alarms and provide you with valuable time.
  • Canisters can be replaced to ensure Guardian Fire Shield™ is always ready to protect what matters most.

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The Perfect Kitchen Upgrade

Cooking fires cause 40% of all home fires. In 2019, 851 cooking-relate fires in British Columbia occurred, accounting for close to one third of all structure fires.

Guardian Fire Shield™ can be easily installed above your stove or cook top to make fire safety simple.

In the event of an unexpected home fire where every second counts, Guardian Fire Shield™ gives you and your family valuable extra time.

Affordable Peace of Mind

The Guardian Fire Shield™ is a small price to pay for the safety of your family, your home, your tenants, your rental property, your business, your cottage, or your vacation property. Don’t take chances with what matters most!


Rental Suites



Living Areas



Heritage or
Older Buildings


Rental Properties

Benefits for Your Home

  • Valuable time for you and your family to get to safety
  • Affordable peace of mind
  • No false alarms or beeps
  • No extensive damage when discharged
  • Five years of protection (not including battery changes for testing purposes)

Installation Is Easy

Install it Yourself

Installation is quick and easy: cut a 5.25” hole with an ordinary keyhole saw, insert the cylinder, and secure the cover. Complete installation guide available here.

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Hire a Professional

If you’d prefer to have the unit installed, we can refer you to one of the Certified Professional Installers located across Canada.

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