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How It Works

Automatic Fire Detection Combined with Effective Fire Suppression

Although it resembles a smoke detector, Guardian Fireshield actually uses a heat-sensitive fusible link for activation. When the temperature at the unit reaches 135° F/57° C, the link melts and releases non-toxic fire suppressing powder from a 5 lb. dri-chem ABC fire extinguisher-style cylinder. Because it is activated by heat and not smoke, it is not subject to false alarms like a smoke detector: at the activation temperature, there is a real fire. It does not need wiring or plumbing, and the only battery it uses powers a warning light for the low pressure indicator to show the cylinder needs recharged. Even with a dead battery, the unit will still work properly as long as the cylinder is charged. The units can also be wired into home security and fire alarm systems.

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Guardian Fire Shield was brought to life with the partnership of E.T.M. Industries of Renfrew, Ontario. A precision CNC machined and injection plastic component manufacturer, E.T.M. supplies the aerospace, military, automotive, mining, telecommunication and medical industries and features a quality management system that is full certified to ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D standards.
E.T.M. has contributed their engineering and manufacturing expertise from the development of the initial prototypes to the ongoing refinement of the product design. E.T.M. continues to ensured the highest possible standards in the manufacturing and assembly of every Guardian Fire Shield unit.

Product History

2013 – July

Two Canadian inventors and volunteer firefighters had an idea: create an automatic fire suppression system to reduce the damage and injuries from kitchen fires. It would use a ceiling-mounted heat-activated fire extinguishing unit to discharge the fire-suppressing chemical powder once heat from a fire filled the room.

2013 – October

The inventors worked with Canadian aerospace manufacturer E.T.M Industries to turn their home-built version into a working prototype.


The first workable production model was released.


The product, then known as Haven Fire Suppression, succeeded in attracting investment on The Dragon’s Den television program.


E.T.M. added a producing/assembling line for the device to their facility.


The product was rebranded as Guardian Fire Shield to highlight its ability to protect property and the people you love.


The World Bank became our first major international customer. Guardian Fire Shield had gone global.


Each Guardian Fire Shield unit now includes a $5 Million Limited Liability Insurance certificate.


New mounting options are created to allow placement in a wide range of locations in addition to the original “inside the ceiling” mounting.


Guardian Fire Shield can now be hard-wired into home security and fire alarm systems.

$5 Million Dollar Certificate of Liability Insurance

Guardian Fire Shield comes with a $5 Million Certificate of Liability for each unit installed.*

  • Limited Liability based on the non-performance of UL certified blow glass.
  • GFS Systems must be serviced as per the requirements:
    • Replaced on the 10 yr. of install for recertification of the cylinder.
      • A nominal service fee will apply.
    • Battery replacement as required for low pressure indicator.
    • Pressure level 175 PSI
      NOTE: Unit can be hardwired to avoid battery replacement
  • Power is not required for the Guardian Fire Shield to operate.
  • Guardian Fire Shield Unit must be registered with Guardian Fire Shield.
  • Check with your local insurance company to see if the $5 Million Certificate will reduce your insurance premiums.